Created on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
The badges showcased above are all available to purchase from my Etsy Store in the link below
All the designs listed have been updated since the first release of these badge designs and there have been a number of additions to the collection.
The previous set of badges are now no longer available for purchase and have now been replaced with this new set of badge designs. They are now even more accurate to the designs featured within the episode. These badges have been based on standard badge dimensions, 58mm diameter. 4 new designs have been included to finish off this set of badge designs, this incorporates 4 designs which featured on the other characters within the episode and not the main 2 lead characters.

For those wishing to utilise these badges for cosplay you may wish to purchase a design that would go with either your Doctor or Bill cosplay, below I have listed each design separated into who wears each emotion:
The 12th Doctor / Bill ─ Puzzled, Happy & Grumpy
Bill ─ Anguished, Stressed & Surprised
The 12th Doctor ─ Angry, Crying, Disappointed, Idea, What!? & Worried
Misc ─ Dead, OMG, Uncomfortable & Weeping

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